A clear explanation of dulcimer tablature

The Dulcimer Hymnal uses a simple tablature system that features a double staff that has a single treble staff on top and a dulcimer staff below. Below is a explanation of the tablature notation. Let's focus first on the top staff. Each measure in this hymnal can be played by other instruments other than the dulcimer because any C instrument can play the notes from the treble clef and with the chord symbols above the music, guitarist, mandolins and even hammered dulcimers can play along with the chords.

The lower staff is specifically for the mountain dulcimer. Instead of a key signature or bass clef, the bottom staff displays the dulcimer's tuning. Rhythms are not displayed in the lower staff, but numbers are displayed to give the open strings, fret or frets in which need to be played to play the note that is on the top staff and the chord that is displayed above each note.